Lori-Ann Muenzer’s Ride to Belief, 
Belonging, and a Gold Medal

One Gear, No Breaks is Lori-Ann Muenzer’s exhilarating, straight-from-the heart and no-holds-barred message about motivation and discipline, about and what it means to believe in a dream. . . but mostly about believing in yourself.

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The Language of Competitive Track Cycling

one gear, no breaks /wun geer no brakz/

n. 1 idiomatic phrase. Describes the track bicycle, a fixed gear machine evolved for speed, with no means for speed reduction. 2 describes the journey of the aspiring competitive cyclist. Ambition is limitless, so too is adversity.

hunger /hun gur/

n. 1 intense desire, often for food, sometimes for success. For competitive cyclists, a continual state. 2 (variant) a troubling condition. Victories take place, but the hunger remains unsatisfied. Appetite expands and increases the want.

apprentice /a’prentis/

n. & v. 1 (typ.) a person learning a trade. Material rewards are small. 2 a new cyclist. Goals are unrealistic. Pain is ever present. Material rewards are nonexistent. 3 ordinarily, cyclists under the age of eighteen. After adulthood, the human body is less able to ignore intense physical pain.

break(s) /breik(z)/

v. & n. 1 a gap created by cyclists that leave their competitors behind. 2 informal an unexpected stroke of good luck. 3 separate under strain, to fracture and fail, to fall apart. 4 changes in fortune, coming in groups of three (applies to 2 and 3).

deep end /di:p end/

n. informal. 1 in the sense of: (going off of the). Implied drowning is metaphor for self-destruction. Common result, for cyclists, of excessive training and work stress. 2 losing one’s sanity. 3 for riders, the act is frequently associated with inflexible, lofty ambition.

odyssey /odisi/

n. 1 story written by an ancient, blind and probably alcoholic storyteller. Plot involves a series of adventures, encompassing successes and disasters: similar to a cyclist’s career. 2 often confused with oddity. On cycling road trips, the two may become identical. 3 Related to: trips taken by popular musicians and politicians: miscues abound. A happy ending seldom results.

What Our Readers Are Saying

“Lori-Ann is a champion of her sport of cycling and a champion for her country. An inspirational book.”


Cycling Commentator

“During the Olympics, we follow our athletes through world-class competition—cheering their performances, charting their progress. We’re proud that Lori-Ann has shared with Canadians not just the accomplishments that brought her to the pinnacle of her sport, but the obstacles and personal sacrifices that defined her journey. We hope her story inspires a new generation on their road to excellence.”


President & CEO, EPCOR

“Lori-Ann Muenzer’s story is an inspiration to those who think they cannot achieve greatness, or that they have passed their prime. She is as strong-willed as the steel she rides. Jump on, hang on an enjoy the ride and the read!”


Former MP and author of Never Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize

“An inspirational ‘rising against all odds’ account which made me want to get out there and pedal hard again.”


first North American to wear the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France

“One Gear, No Breaks is one of the most honest accounts I have read of [competitive] cycling and the sacrifice it takes to become, literally, the best. Lori-Ann does not spare herself when describing doubts and mistakes, and includes the reader in the emotional ups (and downs) of her journey.”


Canadian Cyclist magazine

“A gritty look at the struggle of an athlete to achieve the ultimate goal. Muenzer opens up her inner life like no one else before her and because of it reveals the heart of a true champion.”


CBC Sports Cycling Commentator

“Lori-Ann Muenzer’s road to Olympic glory was paved with the unlikely combination of self-doubt, insecurity and brutal determination. This is no smooth ride, but I found myself cheering her on, every step, and every lap along the way. In the story of Lori-Ann Muenzer, the underdog gets her day.”


host, “The Inside Track”, CBC Radio One



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A race or journey to success is made up of a series of defining moments.

At 38 years of age, Lori-Ann was the underdog in cycling at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

In a cycling career that spanned twenty years, Lori-Ann has seen it all. The glory of winning more than a dozen national titles, but there have been defeat and injuries too.

At any point in her cycling career, Lori-Ann could have decided the effort to continue competitive cycling was too much.   

Instead of quitting, she raised the bar and decided to quality for the Olympic Games in Athens.  And won gold!

Lori-Ann’s story of personal challenges, physical setbacks, and the unbelievable drive for success earned Lori-Ann Canada’s first ever Olympic Gold medal in cycling. And a permanent place in the history books.



Lori-Ann Muenzer

Cycling is about success and disasters, overcoming pain and adversity thresholds, and the pursuit of speed. At 38 years old, two-time Olympian Lori-Ann Muenzer made history as she took on the world to win Canada’s 1st Olympic Gold Medal in cycling at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

As a cycling ambassador, Lori-Ann continues to share her passion and extensive wealth of cycling knowledge.  She teaches indoor cycling classes, and empowers youth in L.A.M.P (the Lori-Ann Muenzer Program) introducing young athletes to advanced cycling techniques and skills, teaching specific safety rules, and fostering a love for the sport of cycling.

Lori-Ann lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

Karl R. Wilberg

Karl Wilberg is a published author and retired lawyer who is a one-time holder of four Canadian cycling records.  He lives with his wife and three boys in Edmonton.


P.O. Box 4359

Edmonton, AB T6E 4T3